The Mab’s Makers Grant

Using my <crafty> powers for good!

I may be retired from performing, but the drive to create is still going strong!
While I LOVE making things with my cricut machine, so why not use my crafting powers for good!

Do you have a need for a short run of one or two color vinyl stickers or iron-ons?
Need some simple paper cutting?
Have a fabric project that needs many pieces that are no larger than 12”x24” cuts?
Making a whole bunch of masks but can’t keep up with all the cutting?
Have an idea for a t-shirt or a mug that would make a great gift, but can’t find it anywhere?

I can assist with some design work, or help turn your existing art into an SVG for cutting machines. I even have some stock blanks to start up! (like blank tote bags, etc)
You can sell, give away, or keep whatever I make.
Any design work I do for you will be yours to do with whatever you want.
No project is too small!
Some projects may be too large 🙂

What can you make?
Stickers, iron ons, cardstock designs, puzzles, coloring book pages, fancy envelopes, mugs, magnets, etc.
My machine can cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, thin leather, and even chipboard (haven’t tested the chipboard yet). Here is the full list of materials the Maker should be able to cut.
Tools I have:
Fine tip blade
Deep cut blade
Knife blade
Rotary cut blade
Etching tool
Embossing tool
Scoring tool.

I can also do sublimation – print out full color and press it onto any synthetic material.

I will NOT copy someone else’s work without their permission. This includes trademarked logos, line art, turning their illustrations into line art, etc.
Also, there are some physical limitations with the machine.
Max cut size: 11.4”x23.5”
Max thickness: 2.4mm thick
PLEASE NOTE! Depending on the medium, thin lines in the artwork might not translate in the cutting machine.

Also, I can’t sew. Seriously. Someday I will tell you the story about how I sewed the home-ec homework to my bed. Don’t ask me to sew.

How do I apply?
Fill out this form!

How do you choose what projects you will work on?
Preference will be given to BPOC, LGBTQIA, and other disenfranchised artists & performers.
I will be looking for:
projects that look fun to work on,
Peak my interest creatively
Things that will return good into the world,
Your need and what will you be doing with the project