Hello. Name tags


Hello. I am an authority on so many things. 4 name tags for $1


Hello. I am an authority on so many things.

I noticed you just existing, and I couldn’t help but share my infinite wisdom to help you live up to my arbitrary policies and rules.

It makes sense that you are confused because I’m not wearing my name tag to help ease your.concerns. But fortunately, you picked up a pack for 4 for only a $1 at Mab’s Mobile Mercantile. You are free to fill out the appropriate topic where I am the Authority and slap that bad boy right on my chest, so others can benefit from my vast cache of knowledge.

Who knows? It might even shut me up.

This is perfect for family functions, dates, work, parties, riding on the metro, in the park, and so much more.

The name tags come blank, ready for you fill in according to your needs, but I have a few suggestions to help you get started.

Now that I think about it, 4 isn’t enough. You should probably get 20 for $5. That’s math. I’m so smart.

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